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Blodyn Aur Rapeseed Oil

Annog were contacted by Asda as they were looking to source a Welsh provenance Rapeseed Oil.  We contacted farming cooperative in Conwy who were processing rapeseed to produce biofuel and asked whether they would be interested in supplying the supermarket.  Seeing the opportunity they agreed to work with Annog to develop the product and launch it into the marketplace.

Annog worked closely with the farmers, Asda and our design team to develop the Blodyn Aur (Golden Flower) brand.  Support was provided to ensure the processing facility met with Environmental Health requirements and arrangements were made to bottle, label and distribute at a facility in Conwy.  Negotiations with Asda were facilitated by Annog and new markets were also developed through small independent stores throughout Wales.

As the demand and the product already existed, Annog’s main role was to develop the supply chain between producer and retailer.  The level of investment on behalf of the producer was low as the product already existed. Identifying the market demand and agreeing terms prior to production also reduced the level of risk. 

The next phase for Blodyn Aur is identifying opportunities to add value to the oil.  Among the products Annog are currently investigating are mayonnaise and salad dressing.

Blodyn Aur Rapeseed Oil