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BocsŵnBocsŵn provide unique opportunities for children and young people to work with experienced musicians who encourage and inspire them, teaching new skills in playing instruments, composing music and recording work in our studio. We use music as a tool for expression, as type of therapy and to encourage personal development.

Children and young people between 9 and 18 years old can take part in composing and music making sessions. They can come by themselves or with a group of friends. Tutors will even help you to put together words for your song, compose the music, help you and teach you how to play new instruments. The sessions are held either at the state of the art Bocsŵn Studio in Llangefni or we can come to a community centre.

If you are studying music at GCSE or A Level, maybe Bocsŵn can also help - our iMac computers can help you compose a song with sample links, midi or you can record your own parts. We will then help you to record your work so that you can present it in a professional manner.