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Innovation in Farming

Support is available to test the viability of alternative crops or livestock, or of substantial changes to agricultural practice. The procedures and results of the experimental trial will be made known to all farmers in the region so that the innovation is transferable to all and of benefit to all farmers.

Development work is carried out by the farmer or farmer group, Menter Môn and the mainstream advisory services. Innovative trials can be 100% funded where the farmer receives payment for hosting the trial. Results of the trials are published and circulated through farming unions and other local agricultural networks.


Hydroponics is a method of growing crops without the use of soil. Water and nutrients are circulated around a closed system and the crops are usually grown in plastic channels. The advantages of the system over traditional farming methods include reduced water usage, fewer nutrients leaching into the soil, a longer growing season and fewer pests.

A test unit was established in Cae Gwyn near Llannerchymedd in partnership with Phil and Rowena Mansfield to demonstrate how hydroponics worked. Local farmers were invited to attend open days and courses were provided on the technology. As a direct result of the project Broga was established to sell produce grown using hydroponics to local shops and restaurants.

Further information is available from www.herbsfromwales.co.uk and www.brogaproduce.co.uk

Hydroponics with HerbsfromWales and Broga Produce

Anglesey Grazing Animals Partnership

Anglesey Grazing Animals PartnershipEstablished in 2008, AGAP has introduced and supported grazing on 16 sites across Anglesey totalling over 300 hectares. Produce from wildlife-rich sites is sold under the AGAP quality standard into local markets and in London. Farmers and producers are supported through the AGAP marketing scheme from field to plate. Produce is island born and bred, grazed to benefit wildlife, fed locally-sourced feed and prepared for sale on the island.

The Anglesey Grazing Animals Partnership (AGAP) is a local grazing scheme working to link land of wildlife and conservation interest with graziers and farmers who can supply suitable grazing stock for the benefit of the wildlife, the landscape and the cultural heritage of Ynys Môn.

Anglesey Grazing Animals PartnershipMenter Môn has supported the AGAP producers by providing specialist business advice, training through the Food Technology Centre and funding for a specialist trailer to move the carcasses. Support is on-going and the group are looking to set up a hanging and processing facility in the near future.

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