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The Gwynedd and Anglesey Fisheries Local Action Group

In conjunction with the UK Government and European Fisheries Fund, Four Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGS) have been set up in Wales under Axis 4. The FLAGS have been set up to provide support for the sustainable development of fisheries areas.

The FLAGS support measures to promote economic diversification and an improved quality of life in areas affected by a decline in fishing activities. An important innovation in the implementation of Axis 4 is the emphasis on the territorial approach, which encourages a focus on specific areas and seeks to mobilise local actors from all sectors: public, private and civil society, to work together as FLAGs (Fisheries Local Action Groups) to design and implement integrated local development strategies.

The lead body responsible for delivery will be Menter Môn, the Local Action Group for Anglesey. Having delivered Axis 4 and Leader projects since 1995 it has the experience and skills to deliver on behalf of the Anglesey and Gwynedd FLAG, with offices located in both counties. It is also involved in the delivery of Rural Development Plans in Gwynedd and has strong links with the both local authorities and economic partnerships.

Coastal Communities

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Anglesey and Gwynedd Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) is to support the fishing industry and associated communities in both counties through the delivery of a range of actions and activities. The FLAG is representative of the sectors it supports and will encourage a bottom up approach in order to develop viable and sustainable projects.

The FLAG for Anglesey and Gwynedd will contribute towards achieving this aim by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Adding value to fishery products 
  • Encouraging diversification of economic activity 
  • Preserving and enhancing the environmental, cultural and social welfare 
  • Empowering the local fishing communities.

These aims and objectives have been fed into the Fisheries Local Development Strategy for Gwynedd and Anglesey, a copy of which can be downloaded or viewed below.

If you wish to discuss a project or you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jane Davies on 01248 725704 or email Jane@mentermon.com

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Gwynedd and Anglesey Local Fisheries Strategy

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