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The Copper Kingdom

The "Copper Kingdom" refers to the area of Amlwch on Anglesey which once had the largest copper mine in the world. Vast seams of copper ore were discovered at Mynydd Parys in 1768 which soon lead to the creation one of the most extraordinary industrial landscapes in Europe.

In their heyday the Parys mines were among the wonders of the world - visited by men like Michael Faraday and James Watt. The output from the mines dominated the international copper market and nearby Amlwch grew into the world’s major exporter of copper.

Menter Môn has supported the Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust over many years to realise the tourism potential of this unique site. One of the old copper bins, previously used to store the metal before it was shipped all over the world, will become a heritage centre, and the old sail loft café will be updated and provide information on the town’s former shipbuilding industry. The Parys Mountain heritage trail will be made more accessible, and the windmill and pearl engine room will also be saved from further disrepair.

The objectives for the development are that it will create a new industry in the form of tourism. From a social viewpoint, attracting more people to this area will breathe new life and create an upturn in the community that has long been in decline.

Secondary objectives include raising awareness of the importance Amlwch once held in Welsh industrial history. In achieving this it is hoped an identity will be established making an association between Amlwch and the Copper Kingdom.

The Copper Kingdom - Amlwch


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