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County Councils and Development Agencies

New developments & Projects

County Councils and Development AgenciesEnvironmental impacts and mitigation: Developments and major building projects require the management of environmental impacts in order to conform to planning requirements and the increasingly tight environmental regulations. MM Environmental can provide ecological and related environmental services to enable County Councils and other agencies with development projects to assess and implement environmental requirements.

MM Environmental will carry out site assessments based on the survey and mapping of habitats, species and archaeological features. We will devise an Environmental Action Plan to be provided to companies tendering for contracts or for use in-house. We will assist in the assessment of Environmental Management Systems proposed by prospective contractors and will provide monitoring of the implementation of such Systems during the construction phase and after.

Conservation, access and heritage projects

MM Environmental has long experience in managing locally based and community biodiversity and heritage projects and projects to improve access to the environment (see project portfolio). These include everything from working with local communities to establish and manage Local Nature Reserves and heritage sites, and projects aimed at conserving individual species, to major infrastructure projects to create off-road cycle ways and the Anglesey Coastal Path. In all of these projects we have worked closely with the County Council and other statutory bodies. We can assist in the design, development and implementation of such projects.

Monitoring and Aftercare:

Major environmental mitigation projects will usually require monitoring often for a few years following completion of works. We will manage the monitoring and aftercare for the project for up to 5 years according to the nature of the contract.