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The energy sector is constantly evolving in terms of the legislation and technology, and Annog believe it offers real economic benefits without many of the environmental impacts normally associated with production. Annog have been extremely active in the sector since 2009 and have worked closely with the private and public sectors in order to ensure North Wales is well positioned to fulfil the potential offered by green energy. This work has demanded a good understanding of regional and national policies, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of technologies associated with solar, hydro, biomass and wind.

Energy Sector

The services Annog can offer in the energy sector include the following:

  • Scrutinise regional and national policy in order to identify its relevance to renewable energy schemes. 
  • Identify suitable locations for renewable energy production along with the most appropriate technology 
  • Assess opportunities for renewable energy production within an area or individual business 
  • Identify and challenge barriers to renewable energy production 
  • Undertake cost benefit analysis on the implementation of renewable energy scheme. 
  • Advise on financing opportunities to support the implementation of renewable energy scheme.