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Energy Product Development

Production of new products that will affect behavioural change and the concept of reducing energy usage within the manufacturing of these products is the aim of this project. This project will assist with the prototyping of products aimed at reducing or generating energy within the domestic or small business environment.

As with the Bauhaus project, for a business with under 10 employees or an entrepreneur wishing to start a new business, Menter Mon can offer specialist support in every area of product development, from smoothing and focusing the idea generation stage to prototype building. The project reduces the inherent risk of new product development by not only absorbing the financial risk but also providing management strengthening techniques and training so the entrepreneur or business can develop throughout the process.

Energy Product Development

In addition, the project also has a grant funding element that aims to assist with the costs of ensuring the setting or manufacturing of the product focuses on energy usage reduction. This can be in the form of feasibility studies, capital equipment or energy generation to improve the cost of manufacture.

Clients who may develop products through the Bauhaus or Agri-food innovation projects could also qualify for a grant within this project if they are actively sourcing an energy reduction in their manufacturing, processing or growing process as we are looking for well integrated exemplar projects that can show a measurable energy saving leading to an ultimate cost saving.

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