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Food and Agriculture

Ynys Môn has developed a good reputation for quality food production and is increasingly realising the value of the island’s strong image of wholesomeness and rurality. Over the last fifteen years the island has seen products such as sea salt, ice cream; several cheeses and liqueurs enter the regional and global marketplace. Local shops and restaurants are taking full advantage of the availability of local produce, and the Anglesey Farmers Market is the perfect opportunity to meet the producers.

Menter Môn has always believed that food production is an important tool for generating employment, encouraging diversification and strengthening the island’s identity. Projects have provided assistance for producers to develop new products through grants and specialist support. We have also worked closely with groups of producers to encourage cooperation and ensure added value where possible.

Closely linked with food is agriculture. The island was known as the Môn Mam Cymru on the basis of the grain produced. Menter Môn believes agriculture still has an important role to play and has encouraged farmers to experiment with new products and production methods. There is a continued demonstrable need to reduce private risk at the innovation stage, pre commercial exploitation, bringing forth greater volumes of new ideas. The support available with examples shown.

Food and Agriculture

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