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Food Product Development

Annog have significant experience of identifying opportunities, developing products and accessing new markets within the food sector. We are in the unique position of having been involved at every stage of the supply chain, from the growing of the produce to the negotiations with the supermarkets. This provides us with a unique insight into the challenges facing new producers as well as the opportunities. Details of the services available are listed below, click on the examples of products that have established themselves in the marketplace with support from Annog.

  • Identifying market opportunities and undertaking feasibility studies
  • Identifying processing, storage and distribution options
  • Supporting the business planning process which will identify initial investment and likely cash flow implications
  • Completing a branding exercise and providing design support
  • Completing and implementing marketing plan
  • Identifying potential markets and key individuals within retailers
  • Providing support in negotiations with key customers e.g. supermarkets
  • On-going mentoring support in developing the business

Food Product Development by Annog