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Green Meat

Green Meat Agri-Innovation ProjectsAs part of the Conwy Agri-Innovation project Annog organised a series of discussions with dairy, beef and sheep farmers to consider how the industry could respond to the public’s demand for action on climate change. Realising the importance of being one step ahead the group decided to trial on-farm carbon foot printing.

Carbon foot printing is a scientific method for quantifying the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by a particular process or activity such as producing milk or rearing lambs. Scientists from Bangor University (www.footprints4food.co.uk) were contracted to carry out a carbon footprint survey on two contrasting farms in Conwy in order to demonstrate the process.

The findings were presented as part of an open evening on carbon foot printing where specialists explained how a carbon survey could identify environmental improvements for a farm and also highlight ways in which some of these improvements might also reduce costs. Conwy is one of the first counties in Wales to have offered assistance to farmers to trial on-farm carbon foot printing. In coming years this may give the county’s meat and milk producers a competitive edge over their competitors.