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Anglesey has a rich and varied history, from prehistoric Neolithic chambers to world renowned bridges that span the Menai Straits. Menter Môn believes that the island has a fascinating story to tell and has worked closely with communities in order to restore many of the island’s heritage resources and provide on-site interpretation.

Heritage and Tourism in Anglesey and Wales

The projects supported by Menter Môn have ranged from small landscape and interpretation schemes in many of the island’s villages, to the purchase and restoration of a Norman castle. With each of them there has been an emphasis making information relevant and accessible for local residents as well as visitors.

  • The creation of small car parks in villages along with interpretation boards with information on the local area and suitable walking trails. 
  • Small infrastructure improvements at several sites of historical interest such as churches and other ancient monuments. 
  • The publication of a series of leaflets highlighting the historical, environmental and cultural resources. 
  • Supporting local groups to establish museums and events to present local history 
  • The creation of footpaths and walkways to provide improved access to sites of historical interest.

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