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Innovation in Business

Creativity and innovation are important to ingredients in any business. The only constant is change and it is important to adapt in response to the ever evolving marketplace. Menter Môn is eager to work with ambitious individuals and existing businesses on Anglesey to develop their business, develop new products and services, and create employment. The support available is broad and is often tailored to meet the requirements of individual businesses. Details of the type of support are provided here with examples of previous clients, however it is important to emphasise that the support offered differs from project to project.

The access support businesses must also meet the following criteria:

  • Have its centre of gravity in Anglesey 
  • Be incorporated 
  • Have fewer than 10 employees 
  • Have net assets or turnover of less than £2million 
  • Be doing a deal that involves the sale of an equity interest 
  • Be in an approved business sector. Restrictions apply to SSF investments in a number of sectors

Innovation in Business