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Jones o Gymru Crisps

There is an increasing demand of regional mainstream products and an opportunity was identified to develop a Welsh crisp brand. In Wales alone the consumption of crisps is valued in the millions and a small percentage of the market could provide a viable business opportunity. Annog worked with a group potato growers, potato and a distributor to develop Jones Crisps.

Annog selected suitable processors and worked closely with our team of designers to develop the Jones o Gymru brand. The aim was to capitalise on the obvious link between Jones and Wales, while avoiding the obvious clichés. The brand has caught the public attention and there are also opportunities for to be applied to alternative products.

Annog coordinated the supply chain, which including the sourcing of the potatoes, the production of the crisps, storage and distribution. They are on sale throughout Wales and negotiations have taken place with all major supermarkets. Having started with 40 gram packets, Jones o Gymru have now introduced the 150 gram packets and are looking at expanding the range.

The scale of the opportunity has been matched by the challenges of launching a mainstream high volume product. There have been many issues along the way which have been tackled. This has provided an insight into the process of introducing this type of product and places Annog in unique position to provide advice to others.

Jones o Gymru Crisps