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Language Awareness

During 2010 Mamiaith identified the need to develop a team of mentors who work to provide language awareness sessions to a range of groups, societies and workplaces across the island. These sessions raise awareness about the Welsh Language, increase the confidence of Welsh learners and share good practice on assimilating newcomers to the communities of Ynys Mon.

Mamiaith has held language awareness sessions and general information sessions about the local area to over 1000 individuals to date. Language awareness sessions held by Mamiaith are practical, very informal and encourage those taking part to express their opinions, concerns and can work as encouragement to others.

We have over the past two years worked successfully with

  1. Young people, emphasising the message that being able to speak Welsh has a great advantage when looking for work and in increasing social opportunities; 
  2. Non-Welsh speaking families who move to the area. We work to introduce the local area to them and convey the importance of the Welsh language to enable them to become complete members of their new communities; 
  3. Schools and pre-school provisions as we help to promote the benefits of Welsh medium and bilingual education; 
  4. Various workplaces, conveying the importance of being able to speak Welsh in the workplace. Over 40% of workplaces note that being able to speak Welsh is an essential requirement today. It also provides customers with a choice - which is core to good customer service - the difference between your business and your competition

Welsh Language Apps for Smart Phones

Language Awareness - Welsh Language AppsMamiaith always looking for innovative ideas to help promote the Welsh language and to show that it is also possible for Welsh products and ideas has a wide and popular appeal.

It became apparent during 2011 that there were no Welsh Language apps targeting the Christmas market. Mamiaith designed and developed its first app during September 2011 with the intention of enabling Sion Corn to phone and talk to children in their first language - and encouraging them to be good if they wanted Christmas presents from him.

We were able to produce and create all aspects of the app in-house and Sion Corn came to Bocswn to record his message to users. The app enables parents to set the phone so that Sion Corn phones after a selected pause time, and children can hear his message. The app went live at the beginning of December and received 5* ratings from users as it enabled them to hear Sion Corn speak to their children in their own language - something that was not possible before.

It has also highlighted the fact that the language can and does keep up with the latest technology, making it a modern language with a wide appeal. Mamiaith will now develop further Welsh language apps.