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The Menter Iaith works closely with organisations, clubs, businesses, events - in fact, everyone- to help ensure that the Welsh language in seen and accessible, reflecting the linguistic nature of our Island.

In this sense we link the language with our traditions, heritage and culture - all of which add an extra dimension and value to each other. We hold various events during the year which celebrate the things that are unique to Ynys Môn or Wales and try to revive some traditions and festivals.

We implement projects which encourage community participation, raise awareness and opportunities to enjoy socialising in the medium of Welsh. These include events, festivals, visits and even old traditions such as Clapio Wyau

Gwyl Cefni
Clapio Wyau 

Gwyl Cefni

Gwyl CefniGwyl Cefni is a festival for all ages which has been held in Llangefni since 2000. Along with a host of Welsh bands, there are also choirs, comedy evenings and activities for young people including visits from Sali Mali and friends.


Clapio Wyau

Clapio WyauClapio Wyau (egg clapping) is an old Anglesey tradition where young children went from farm to farm clapping and singing for eggs in the run up to Easter. The Menter Iaith have recently brought this tradition back to life and arranged “clapio wyau” in villages across the island, including Talwrn, Brynsiencyn, Rhosybol, Aberffraw and Bodffordd.

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