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The home is the biggest influence on the choice of language and the Menter Iaith works to support and encourage families to use and value Welsh. Activities involve arranging informal family events and activities during the weekends and holidays. The aim is to

  • Persuade parents to speak Welsh with their children from the outset; 
  • Communicating ongoing messages about the value of bilingualism;  
  • Supporting parents efforts to speak Welsh through social activities and sharing information;  
  • Assisting and encouraging parents to choose Welsh medium education for their children;  
  • Working in partnership with early years and education providers;

The type of activities arranged include family camping holidays, pram walks and singing and music sessions

Pram Walks
Camping Holidays 

Pram Walks:

Pram WalksThese walks are aimed at new parents and provide an opportunity to socialise through the medium of Welsh while pushing the pram along suitable scenic routes. At the end of the walk parents and children are treated to some “story telling” in a local library.

Camping Holidays

Camping HolidaysCamping holidays are aimed at families and provide an opportunity to relax, socialise and take part in a range of activities for young and old. In the summer of 2011 a “mystery” camping holiday was arranged where the participants were treated to weekend at Penrhyn Farm Caravan Park on Anglesey. The activities included a Twmpath Dawns (Dance), a visit to a local Wood Festval and a quiz.

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