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Young People

The Menter Iaith works with our young people to highlight the advantages that speaking two languages can offer in their social, academic and professional life. Since the Welsh Language Act was introduced in 1993 more public bodies, private

companies and voluntary organisations are looking for staff that are able to work effectively in both languages.

The Menter Iaith also provides opportunities for young people to socialise in Welsh outside school to ensure it remains relevant and vibrant. These include activities such as arranging music events and concerts, radio programmes and providing opportunities to use Welsh within IT.

Radio Bodedern:

A Welsh language radio station has been set up at Bodedern School and is broadcasting 5 programmes a week on a range of topics such as sports and music. It is recorded in their studio and broadcast through the schools sound system during the lunch hour. The aim is to give young people experience of researching, producing and presenting regular programmes through the medium of Welsh.

Radio Bodedern

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