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New Product Development

Annog understands new product development is critical to the success of most businesses and any business, whether large or small, cannot afford to stand still within its market sector. New businesses cannot afford to rush into developing a product without being fully aware of its manufacturing cost, its market and its return on investment.

New Product Development

We have created a project that aims to stimulate the economy of Anglesey through encouragement, support and inspiration. The development or creation of a business leads to further employment and safeguards existing employment on Anglesey. For a business with fewer than 10 employees or entrepreneur wishing to start a new business Annog can offer specialist support in every area of product development, from smoothing and focusing the idea generation stage to prototype building. The project reduces the inherent risk of new product development by not only absorbing the financial risk but also providing management strengthening techniques and training so the entrepreneur or business can develop throughout the process.

Major Stages in New Product Development