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Support for New Product Development

Annog can provide a clear ‘road map’ to the product being developed and provides support for every stage of the new product being developed

This process may seem complicated but many stages can be merged or excluded depending on the point the project engages with the business or entrepreneur. The new product may only require a marketing plan or branding or certification, Annog can identify the needs of the product to get it to that final stage.

Affiliate partner of Anti Copying in Design

We are also an affiliate partner of ACID, Anti copying in Design, and we register all new designs with them until they are at a stage to be registered with the Intellectual Property Office, whether for patenting, trademarks, design or IP protection of any sort.

Ideas generation
Identifying customer needs and ideas screening - user understanding, market research, technical feasibility and technical transfer. This will include a corporate and product branding/logo review.

Not just technical design but design for manufacturing, focusing on minimising manufacturing costs by efficient use of materials and equipment and simplifying or standardising the design. Any cost savings made at this critical stage will be locked in for the product lifecycle

Engineering development samples
This involves manufacturing a representative sample of products which will be used to test the feasibility of the product. These Development samples will incorporate all the key features of the final product and will be used as early marketing samples and to assess the manufacturability of the product. We will also assess any IPR issues at this stage.

Testing and verification
Provides the relevant certification for components or for the entire final product (ergonomic excellence etc).

Including final packaging and point of sale material, everything you need to be able to produce a detailed business plan. These prototype samples will be used for customer samples, at trade shows and for Qualification trials.

Volume Production
With all the previous stages carefully managed the final volume ramp stage should be relatively straightforward. This information can then be fed into a business model.

Business model
We will generate a Business Plan which incorporates all of this information and will allow you to model changes in product price, manufacturing cost, product volume etc. This will enable you to predict Gross Margin % and ROI (Return on Investment).