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Supporting Innovation in Agricultural

Many farmers are being forced to look objectively at their businesses and seek new ways to diversify income sources. Non-agricultural farm diversification is only an option in a minority of cases. In the majority of cases either the farms aren't suitable or the farmers lack the confidence and skills to establish non-agricultural businesses. Their skills lie in agriculture and Annog have work closely with them to trial new methods of farming.

Annog has been has been an important driver for change within agriculture in North Wales and has developed a wealth experience and skills which are transferrable to other regions. We have been involved in every stage of development, from the process of consultation through to the implementation and evaluation. The case studies provide an overview of the type of projects Annog has delivered.

Annog can deliver the following services to the agricultural sector:

  • Consultation with the farming sector to identify common aims, opportunities for cooperation and new project ideas.
  • Facilitation of groups in order to deliver joint projects and ensure wider benefit for the farming community.
  • Provide an overview of new and innovative farming methods and their potential benefits.
  • Undertake feasibility studies into potential new methods of farming
  • Arrange specialist study visits to examples of good practice throughout the UK
  • Provide specialist on-farm agricultural advice to support the implementation of new methods of farming.
  • Complete evaluation exercises of on-farm trials.
  • Provide business and "route to market" support to farmers seeking to develop commercial activity

Supporting Agricultural Innovation