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Theatr Ieuenctid Môn

Theatr Ieuenctid MônThe theatre can take us anywhere, bringing characters and new places alive with words and some imagination.

The Theatr Ieuenctid (Youth Theatre) uses the theatre and drama to develop skills in performing and creativity, and in time, these skills can be applied in many other situations. Emphasis is placed on children and young people’s personal and social development, which in turn can help to encourage better self-confidence, self-image and self-respect.

The structure of the Theatre enables beneficiaries to work through the provisions of weekly lessons, to specialist classes and sessions and can also signpost towards casing opportunities for television, theatre, film and radio work. The Theatre Ieuenctid is delivered through the medium of Welsh and is open to children and young people between the ages of 7 and 18. The weekly sessions are held during school term time, after school. The provision has been tailored especially for the different age groups.

TIM workshops are held in various centres within the community in Ynys Môn to ensure that nobody is too far way, and can travel and arrive easily.

We look forward to welcoming you either as a beneficiary, parent, customer or a member of the audience in one of our productions.