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Translation Service

A Mamiaith translation service was established to meet with the increasing demand for providing written translation services and providing simultaneous translation during meetings.

Menter Mon established the first community translation scheme in 1997. The purpose of this scheme was to enable community and town councils to hold their meetings in Welsh. Menter Mon met with the costs of both renting the equipment and the services of translators during the meetings. As part of the scheme a number of translators were trained to provide simultaneous translation services in meetings.

Grant funding is no longer available however, Mamiaith has continued to provide the service by charging a small fee for the equipment with the users paying translators directly. Mamiaith can provide:

  • 3 boxes of simultaneous translation equipment and 40 headsets; 
  • Arrange for a translator to be present at the meeting 
  • Provide advice on simultaneous translation in meetings

Mamiaith also has a pool of professional freelance translators who provide a high standard written translation service.

The LinkLine to Welsh

Translation ServicesMamiaith have delivered the Welsh Language Board’s Linkline to Welsh service for seven years. This is a national service which provides free advice, short translations (up to 30 words), and checks Welsh translations (up to 75 words). The LinkLine also translates menus and users can contact for further information and advice about Welsh place names, Welsh medium education and general advice about using the Welsh language.