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Vegetable Plugs

There has been a rise in demand for locally grown vegetables and this project looked at the feasibility of vegetable plug production. Vegetable plugs extend the growing season, giving plants a head start and offer 100% germination rates.


Vegetable growers Alwyn and Emyr Hughes from Llanrwst had to travel hundreds of miles to collect their vegetable plugs. As part of the Conwy Agri Innovation project, Annog facilitated workshops to consider how feasible it would be to develop a vegetable plug business in the Conwy Valley.

A survey of vegetable growers across North Wales and the potential financial gains of the proposal produced encouraging results. As a result a new business was established providing an important resource available to vegetable growers in North Wales.

The plugs come in different sizes and quantities and can be found in local nurseries, each with their bilingual 'Grown in Wales 'label.

Emyr has learned new skills with the help of experts in the field and has also been generous in sharing his new knowledge and experience during open days.


The business is flourishing with plugs selling to the domestic market, garden nurseries and to large commercial growers. Emyr is keen to encourage everyone to grow vegetables whether in the back garden or a ten acre field. If you have any enquiries about vegetable plugs he will be glad to chat with you.

Vegetable Plugs