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Youth Enterprise

Menter Môn has always recognized the importance of entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of Anglesey. Our latest project; FFIWS, is an Anglesey based youth product development project that aims to l provide an understanding of the basic stages of product development by offering young entrepreneurs support and resources through weekly academies, a Fabrication Laboratory (FABLab) and a bursary fund.

Ffiws Creative Chance

We are running after school hour's entrepreneurship academies on a weekly basis that will provide young people with an understanding of basic product design concepts and the stages involved in product development. Our aim, and depending on demand, is to ultimately run specific academies in a variety of elements such as wood, plastic, electronic and even food. The academies start with a focus on elements such as idea generation, concept development and testing and will also include marketing, packaging, branding and routes to market.

The Academy will benefit from workshops that will bring established entrepreneurs and professional organisations to the young entrepreneurs to assist them in developing their own ideas for a business. This can be from experts in branding to robotics or from Chef's to supermarket buyers.

There will also be regular workshops run in addition to the Academy which will focus on a particular topical subject such as developing apps for your business and innovative marketing.

Youth Enterprise

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